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We hope that you will learn and sing these songs, and teach them to other people who, like you, believe in the power of each of us to make the world a more safe and peaceful place to live in.


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Hello, Hello

If I Could Be Anything

I Know Your Face

Seeing With My Ears

Rainbow 'Round Me


What Do I Do?

Ask For It

Under One Sky

I Cried

Shaker Song

Guitar Box Band

Wake You In The Morning

If I Could Be Anyone

Look To The People


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Love Is All Around

Love Is AllAround lyrics

The Meanies

The Meanies lyrics


PEACE lyrics

All Cleaned Up

All Cleaned Up lyrics

Love Goes Around Again

Love Goes Around Again lyrics

Under One Sky

Under One Sky

What Do I Do

What Do I Do lyrics

Each of Us Is Kind

Each of Us Is Kind lyrics

Turning of the World

Turning of the World lyrics

One Us

One Us lyrics


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Making Wishes Come True

Let's Respect Each Other

Listen To Your Voice


Planet Earth

Cleaning Up Our Neighborhood

Being Good Neighbors


The More That We Learn


Peace In the World

Look Over There


You Can!

Friends Can Cooperate

The Gifts of Friendship


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18 Kids Did A Wonderful Thing


Bullying Is Not OK



Let's Act More Respectfully


Love Is The Way